VIDIZMO Professional Services for Video & Digital Evidence

Helping you achieve your company’s digital media and evidence management goals with our Professional Services team’s functional and strategic video expertise to deliver customized organizational video and digital evidence management solutions.


Professional Services for End-To-End Video Streaming and Digital Evidence Management Solutions

Having delivered complex video and digital evidence solutions to some of the largest Fortune 500 companies across the world, VIDIZMO Professional Services team understands the critical demands for video in enterprises today. From developing custom video solutions to solving video delivery and bandwidth challenges to meeting stringent security and compliance needs for digital evidence management – we have done it all. Whether you’re looking for a custom video solution or need consulting services on designing and implementing the right end-to-end video strategy for your enterprise, our Professional Services team is here to help you reinvent your organizational communication, training, sales, digital evidence sharing & management, and much more with the power of video.

VIDIZMO Video Offering

Our Range of Video & Other Digital Media Professional Services Include

VIDIZMO Professional Services team provides a broad range of configuration and customization services to clients for one-off changes, feature enhancements & development, value-additions, deployment configurations, and much more.


Feature Enhancement Services

Our Professional Services team helps customers in enhancing or adding value to an existing feature in our video or digital evidence management solutions to fit unique requirements. These enhancements could entail simple configurations or require some level of customization.


Custom Feature Development Services

Have a new feature that you need as an add-on with VIDIZMO video or digital evidence solutions? Our team caters to requests for custom feature development to further enhance your experience. Our aim is to deliver all the desired features, as long as these fit our scope of feasibility.


Integration Services

VIDIZMO’s modular solutions are highly interoperable with our customers’ existing business and IT applications. While a broad range of our integration options are provided out of the box, our Professional Services team does provide custom integration services linked to video or digital evidence management for any unique, industry-specific or proprietary applications, depending on the organizational needs.

Compliance and security

Compliance & Security Customizations

VIDIZMO caters to multiple government, law enforcement, public safety, and large enterprise clients who operate in highly regulated industries with stringent security and compliance needs that often require complex or minor customizations. VIDIZMO’s customizable video and digital evidence solutions meets all such requirements as well as allow our clients’ IT teams to self-deploy, manage and customize the application according to their needs.


UI & Branding Services

VIDIZMO Professional Services offers a variety of branding configurations to tailor the video platform according to individual customer needs, including user interface branding, white-labelling, and multilingual requirements. Our team also fulfils deeper customer needs like creation of new UI templates, enhancement to existing branding features or development of new branding features.


User Management Services

In our video and digital evidence solutions, VIDIZMO Professional Services team helps customers define user-level rights, roles, and permissions. Additionally, we offer customization services to create new roles as per customer preferences or provide extensive user management features like single sign-on capabilities.


Installation & Deployment Services

VIDIZMO’s customer-first philosophy allows us to prioritize unique business requirements during application deployment phase, especially for on-premise or hybrid cloud installations. We offer custom deployment services for these specific requests, which includes a combination of cloud and on-premises storage, streaming, application hosting, and much more.


Software Support Extensibility

VIDIZMO solutions already offer the broadest, most flexible support for various media file formats to accommodate diverse customer needs. However, with evolving customer requirements regarding customized support for unique media types or formats, our team develops support for any proprietary or unique media used by an organization.


Video Workflow

VIDIZMO uses several workflow clusters to enable various video and digital evidence management functionalities from content capture, upload, and processing to approvals and publishing. Work with us to determine or design your company’s end-to-end media lifecycle management and platform governance workflows to enable your organization’s video or digital evidence management strategy.

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“VIDIZMO has remarkable customer service and a customer-first business attitude! From integrations to security, compliance and deployment requirements, VIDIZMO has stayed in contact and helped us along the way”

- Osamu Kikuchi, Head of Business Development NESIC

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