Corporate Video Streaming

Engage your internal or external stakeholders for effective and engaging corporate communication through live and on-demand video streaming.



Utilize Video for Corporate Communication

Organizations continuously communicate vital information, like policies, financials or corporate changes to their stakeholders to keep everyone aligned. Sharing such information through email can be dry, and you can instead utilize video to make it more engaging. Be it sending a CEO message to employees or customers, or carrying out activities such as product demos, stream them conveniently through a video platform.

Create Your Organizations’ Secure Internal YouTube-like Video Library

Create Your Organizations’ Secure Internal YouTube-like Video Library

To safeguard sensitive information, you can choose to organize videos in a library that can be accessed only after logging-in. Your employees can remotely access these videos and play them on any device and under varying bandwidth conditions.

Publicly Stream Video for External Corporate Communications

Engage your investors, partners, shareholders and the public by embedding videos on your website or make them available on your branded video portal. You can alternatively share videos with external stakeholders through multiple password-protected links, email and various other means.

Publicly Stream Video for External Corporate Communications

Video Conferencing Isn’t Just Enough!

There’s only a limited number of people that can attend an online meeting – you’d want to record and share them ahead. Through VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube, you can:

  • Automatically ingest recorded meetings from video conferencing solutions (Zoom, MS Teams, Cisco etc.).
  • Edit, clip, annotate and publish the meetings as on-demand videos.
  • Protect your recordings with passwords or disable downloads/sharing.
  • Transcribe meetings in 80+ languages automatically.
  • Translate transcriptions of meetings automatically in more than 80 languages.
  • Maintain logs for each recording to fulfill compliance requirements.

Covering a Range of Corporate Communication Scenarios

Town Hall Meetings

Conduct live interactive town hall meetings and reach employees wherever they are – at work, home or on-the-go.

Change Management

Policy changes, team reorganization, or strategic shifts – keep your employees informed throughout the journey by means of engaging video messages.

CEO Webcasts

Conduct live CEO webcasts to address all stakeholders and have Q/A sessions to interact with the audience.

Video Conferencing Isn’t Just Enough!
Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Whether it’s a product launch, panel discussion or webinar, use the platform to conduct an interactive live event and also make it available as on-demand video for those that weren’t able to attend.

Global Communication

Reach out to diverse multilingual audiences by using AI to generate closed captions and transcripts in more than 80 languages.

Investor Relations

Keep investors updated by sharing video recordings of investor relations calls, earning reviews, high-value client communication, public relations messaging, public announcements etc.

Live Broadcast Video to a Few Hundreds – or Thousands of Employees

Conduct a secure internal live stream or a public broadcast to a large audiences. You can use a wide range of RTMP based encoders or conduct the live stream using Zoom. Through CDNs, eCDNs, transcoding and adaptive bitrate streaming, your viewers can enjoy a seamless experience without buffering issues.

Live Broadcast Video to a Few Hundreds - or Thousands of Employees

Highlighted Features

SSO Integration

SSO Integrations

Define access to videos and set permissions based on users or groups that are automatically synced with your SSO or IAM system.

Video Portal Libraries

Multiple Video Portals

Create separate autonomous YouTube-like portals for each department or team. This way video content, users and groups can be segregated for internal videos.

Automatic Transcription

Automatic Transcription

Leverage AI to automatically generate closed captions and transcripts in more than 80 languages.

Transcription and Translation

Automatic Translation

Translate your closed captions or transcriptions into more than 80 languages using AI.



Add quizzes, forms, surveys, timed annotations, and handouts to videos.



To reflect your corporate identity, host the video streaming portal on your domain, customize the layout and navigation bar, use your colors and fonts, and do much more.

Video Embedding

Video Embedding

Easily embed your videos on any internal or external site.

Limited Sharing

Limited Sharing

Block downloads for shared videos, or provide limited views or duration between which your audience can watch them.

Optimized Video Delivery

Optimized Video Delivery

To solve device compatibility and bandwidth challenges, videos are transcoded and delivered using CDNs (Or you can integrate with eCDNs).

Not Just Corporate Communication – Use One Platform for All Video Use Cases

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a complete enterprise video platform designed to solve multiple video use cases. Upload internal training videos, or stream advertisements on your website. Share confidential meeting recordings or conduct a live event. Create multiple portals for separate departments or use cases under one platform, and do much more.


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