Video Search Through AI

Improve search and discovery in large repositories of video and other digital content using metadata extracted through AI

Why Your Organization Needs AI-enabled Search

  • Do your employees waste a lot of time searching for information within data repositories?
  • Do your knowledge workers experience digital information overload, which could lead to time and productivity loss?
  • Does your company have an ever-increasing volume of video collateral for various video use cases across the organization that could take your employees hours to sift through each video in search of relevant information?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you need AI-enabled search to keep your employees from wasting time and losing productivity by looking through information they do not need.

Simplify Search and Discovery to Minimize Time and Productivity Loss


Search Inside Video Content

Quickly search and discover video content by spoken words or on-screen text, without having to watch the whole video. Jump to the relevant sections of a video within seconds using intelligent video search. Smart search is particularly useful for organizations that have a large volume of video content or various types of videos from where employees need to extract knowledge.

In the absence of smart AI video search, employees potentially waste hours searching for relevant enterprise learning material within large amounts of communication, training, knowledge sharing and sales videos. With increasing video and other visual media collateral in the enterprise, this problem will only worsen unless enterprises employ smart video search powered by AI.

Search by Faces

The ability to identify and search videos and other media based on faces holds massive potential for quickly locating media related to certain people, whether they are speakers, participants or those monitored via video. For enterprise applications, the use cases include efficient classification, consolidation and precise search of video that can be used for facial identification.

Examples include consolidation of patient monitoring videos in healthcare, suspect monitoring or criminal identification for security and surveillance videos, staff monitoring or theft prevention in retail video footage and more. Marketing firms can use facial recognition to personalize and target marketing efforts based on gender, eyeball monitoring or other custom criteria obtained through photos and videos.


Search by Voice/Speaker

A video or audio search classified by voice or speaker recognition data has several applications for specialized industries that use voice recognition technology to detect any changes, disruptions or abnormalities to audio patterns in videos. For instance, various industries now use video to capture lengthy footage of activities such as onshore or offshore (deep-water) drilling and surveying, underground mining, or aerial footage using drones and other specialized recording devices. Oftentimes, voice recognition is imperative to identifying certain patterned sounds or anomalies. In that case, an efficient search, based on the detected sound, plays a central role in discovery and surveying activities.

Apart from that, voice recognition search is vital to classify videos based on the speakers or search for various parts of a video categorized based on different speakers or participants.

Tailoring Smart Video Solutions for Your Organization’s AI Needs

Here at VIDIZMO, we understand that every organization has unique AI video/rich media use cases. To cater to various organizational needs, we tailor our AI capabilities for companies to give them the optimal smart technology – one that helps them automate business processes, enhance productivity, boost revenues, and gain competitive advantage in the market – all while retaining full control of how they wish to deliver their AI media solutions.


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