Video Access Management for Users and Groups

Put in place granular security and video access management measures for users and groups through Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and Content Segregation

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Limit What Your Users Can Do

Use the following six predefined user roles to quickly assign permissions and access to features within the application through role-based access controls:

1. Administrator – IT Administrators responsible for securing and managing VIDIZMO

2. Manager – Manager (Business Owner) of the portal to manage users, groups, portal branding, configuration, and content permissions

3. Moderators – A role to support managers by moderating content for publishing

4. Contributors – Content creators can publish and edit their content

5. Viewers – A user with viewing-only permissions to consume content with authenticated or anonymous access based on content permissions

6. Anonymous – Unauthenticated users on your portal with only playback rights for public content


Sync Your Directory’s Predefined Users and Groups

For larger enterprises, authenticate users through VIDIZMO’s SSO and IAM integration. And you can benefit from SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity Management) standard to automatically provision and sync your user identity information

Give Your IT Admins a Break – Bulk Assign Permissions

Make your IT Admins’ jobs simpler by allowing them to bulk assign permissions to users or simply assigning them one of the six default user roles with predefined permissions.

Minimize Risk of Breach – Segregate Your Videos

Control what your users can or cannot watch. Ensure that unauthorized users do not access your videos by assigning for each video as to which users or groups can access them.

Meet Your Privacy Compliances

Meet various privacy and security regulatory compliances like HIPAA and GDPR by controlling who has access to your videos and related data. Control permissions and segregate content by assigning user roles, splitting users into groups and managing permissions on a group level.

Growing Team? Don’t Lose Control!

As your company grows, management of a large team becomes a hassle. Make management simpler by delegating certain tasks to different team members. For instance, those who have a contributor role can publish videos and those who have a moderator role can moderate and approve these videos.

Let Your Users Self-Register

Allow users to self-register on your video portal by setting up a sign-up page with custom registration fields. Moderate the pending requests and allow users into your portal accordingly.


Key User and Video Access Management Capabilities

Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control

Assign one of the six default roles with preset permissions within the application to quickly limit what actions each user can and cannot perform

Custom Roles

Contact our support team to configure custom roles with different permission sets based on your organization’s unique requirements

Content Segregation

Content Segregation

Create different user groups for all your various business units or teams to segregate access to different videos

Group-Based Permissions

Control and manage permissions on a group level for various portal functions like media actions, annotations, comments, and much more

Group Email Notifications

Keep the entire group updated with notifications on various events

Single Sign-On

Group Provisioning using SCIM, SSO

Authenticate users through SSO integration (SAML and OIDC) and automatically synchronize groups and users from Directory Services through SCIM

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