Ensure Compliance with Audit Trail & Digital Evidence Chain of Custody

Keep your digital evidence untainted from ingestion to case closure

Maintain Digital Evidence Integrity for Court Presentation

It is paramount that the evidence presented is original and whole. Track and prove the chronology of events that occur using the digital evidence chain of custody.

Generate a Pre-Formatted Report

Compile the unbroken digital evidence chain of custody in one place. Whether used for court analysis or meeting the request of department heads, download a consolidated report without any hassle.


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Track Digital Footprints Across the Portal

Track Digital Footprints Across the Portal

Provide an audit trail without the ability to alter the record of activities, even for privileged users. Reduce the risk of compliance fines, legal expenses and investigation time.

Mitigate Internal Fraud

Audit trail serves as a deterrence to prevent privileged insiders or malicious actors from covering their tracks.

Evidence Integrity is as critical as placing criminals behind bars

Key Audit Trail Capabilities

Audit Log

Detect security threats and monitor user activities by tracking digital footprints across the portal


Minimize copy-pasting efforts by generating a consolidated report in PDF or CSV format

Reason for Access

An additional layer of security to justify evidence access and subsequent changes made


Drill down on specific information such as time and date, user details, or events

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