Integrate with IT & Records Management Systems to Expedite Investigations

Maximize efficiency and performance by integrating with an ever-growing number of IT Systems to improve adaptability and break down digital evidence silos.

Consolidate Evidence from Various Sources

Reduce the obstacles caused by disconnected systems at the time of making pivotal decisions and solve more cases faster, leading to more successful prosecutions. Consolidate evidence collected from various devices such as body-worn cameras, dashcams, and CCTVs in a centralized repository for effective crime investigations.

Consolidate evidence from various sources
Maximize Interoperability & Reduce Reporting Time

Maximize Interoperability & Reduce Reporting Time

Reduce response time for locating calls and callers by integrating with your existing computer-aided dispatch system (CAD). Share your data with everyone who needs to see it by configuring your existing record management system (RMS) to meet your needs for ingesting, recovering, logging and real-time reporting.


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Key Integrations

Single Sign-On

Integrate with any single sign-on provider of your choice, such as directory services, identity access management (IAM) services and third-party login to facilitate users with smooth access via centralized login credentials

Records Management Systems

Integrate with your existing records management system (RMS) to ingest, store, recover, retrieve, log, and view information, records, or files pertaining to law enforcement operations

Computer-Aided Dispatch

Integrate with your agency’s computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) to facilitate incident response and communication in the field and to search calls, texts and radio recordings linked to a crime

Body-Worn Cameras

Integrate body-worn cameras with VIDIZMO to ingest recorded interactions with the public and collected video evidence at crime scenes directly

Content Management Systems

Integrate with content management systems (CMS) to simplify and streamline management, organization, sharing, and searchability of digital evidence

Content Processing Apps

Seamlessly integrate with content processing apps that combine transcription capabilities and evidence insights into your digital evidence management portal


Configure multiple apps to provision users and groups for effective management

Interview Room Recording Systems

Integrate interview room recording systems with VIDIZMO to ingest crucial captured interviews that preserve truth

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