A Secure and PrivateEnterprise Video Streaming Platform

Create, host, manage, search, stream and share videos as well as other digital content on SaaS, cloud, on premise, or in a hybrid infrastructure with our secure video streaming platform.

A YouTube-like Video Streaming Platform for Enterprises – Allowing Live & OnDemand Video Streaming and Content Management Across Your Enterprise

Recognized by Gartner, EnterpriseTube provides organizations with a secure, powerful, easy-to-use, and brandable enterprise video streaming platform. It empowers departments across organizations to independently store, encode, manage, share, and stream video content to both internal and external audiences.

EnterpriseTube can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud with the industry’s best cloud security and integrations, or as a hybrid model. Customers can also use their existing Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud Subscription for ultimate enterprise security and control.

EnterpriseTube: Secure Video Streaming Platform Pack with Robust Features

Video Content Management

Manage, store, and secure your video content in a centralized platform

Live Streaming

Live stream on multiple platforms to large audiences internally and externally

On-demand Video Streaming

Host and manage your on-demand videos to let your audience watch at their own pace

Video Player

Stream video on all browsers and devices using a robust HTML5 video player

Secure Video Streaming

Comprehensive access management ensures protection unauthorized access

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage AI for automatically generated transcription, translation, and closed captioning and search files using tags, spoken words, faces, and more.

Desktop Application

Use the desktop version of the platform for offline playback and sync media

Video Search and Discovery

Easily index and search content from a large video library

SSO Integration

Authenticate users and limit access through integrations with multiple SSO, IAM, & SCIM providers

Video Delivery

Effectively scale and stream video for an optimized playback experience with a dynamic enterprise content delivery network (eCDN).

Video Data Governance

Enforce specific policies for your videos to meet regulatory compliances and maintain data privacy

Content Sharing and Access Management

Control and streamline content access by creating access controls for individuals and groups

Video Streaming Platform :EnterpriseTube Use Cases

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

Enterprisetube Video Training

Enterprise Video Training

marketing sales

Marketing & Sales

Remote Workforce

Remote Workforce

Virtual Events

Virtual Events


Video Archive

Designed for Enterprises

Wondering what our enterprise video streaming platform is all about? How is an enterprise solution different from an ordinary one?

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a one-stop video streaming solution required by modern businesses to facilitate collaboration, training and learning, knowledge sharing, webcasting, marketing, recorded meetings management, and more.

Bandwith-Optimized Video Streaming Platform for Enterprises

Surging demand for video content use across corporations poses concerns regarding an enterprise’s network’s ability to stream bandwidth-intensive videos. To ensure optimal delivery of live or on-demand video to all devices and in all bandwidth conditions, VIDIZMO uses a combination of technologies and mechanisms such as Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Multicasting, VIDIZMO’s Enterprise CDN built on Edge Caching Software, and more.

Secure Your Videos with User and Role Based Access Management

Control access for videos for either anonymous users, organization-wide users, select departments, groups, or individuals


User Groups

Create user groups for different departments and set access for videos on a group level


Role-Based Access

Assign roles to users within the application as viewer, contributor, moderator, manager, or administrator

Achieve Efficiency and Scalability

Achieve IT and business cost efficiencies using VIDIZMO’s flexible deployment options for on-premises, Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud, to deliver live or on-demand video streaming solutions to hundreds of thousands of viewers within hours or few days.

Easily Integrate with Your Existing IT Systems

For seamless interoperability of video content across IT systems, VIDIZMO allows you to integrate with video conferencing systems, SSO, ERP, CMS, LMS, Analytics, and more. EnterpriseTube includes a number of native integrations and at VIDIZMO, we also provide customized integrations as part of professional services.

Integrate With Video Conferencing and Unified Communication Systems

Auto-ingest recorded Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other video conference meetings into EnterpriseTube. Manage and share them with relevant audiences, auto-generate closed captions using AI and translate them. You can also live stream your online meetings through EnterpriseTube.

Leverage Your Existing Azure or AWS Subscription

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is available on the Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace as both Bring-Your-Own-License (BYOL) and Pay As You Go (PAYG) models.

People Are Doing Amazing Things With VIDIZMO

Enterprise Video Streaming with Flexible Deployment Options

Choose between cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment options according to security, compliance and organizational requirements

Cloud Deployment

  • Choose your Cloud provider
    • Azure (Commercial and Government)
    • AWS (Commercial and Government)
    • Any other cloud provider of choice
  • Choose your data center location
  • Choice of cloud management model
    • VIDIZMO managed cloud deployment
    • Self-managed cloud deployment


EnterpriseTube is easy to install on-premise and is for organizations that want to keep their data secure within their own data centers.

Hybrid Model

You can choose both cloud and on-premise models to store and stream your video content.


You can purchase EnterpriseTube as a SaaS application, deployed on VIDIZMO Cloud .

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