Create a centralized online video library to give your videos an organized and collaborative
home amongst extensive data.

Manage Your Media in a Structured Way!

Organize and find videos quickly by adding them to categories, collections, and playlists. Use our enhanced filtering to narrow down based on categories, metadata (for instance – author), or even custom fields (for instance – instructor name, building number, etc.).

Control Video Access and Rights

Control Video Access and Rights

Not every piece of information is supposed to be accessible to everyone. Ensure peace of mind by assigning access to relevant users and groups only.

Other options to define access include:

  • Anonymous
  • Departments
  • Entire organization
  • Only those with a link

Moderate Content and Prevent Your Online Library from Filling Up

Moderate content to eliminate spam or prevent bulks of videos from piling up, therefore preventing congestion in your library.

Moderate Content and Prevent Your Online Library from Filling Up
Be Efficient and Enhance Searchability

Be Efficient and Enhance Searchability

Quickly find the video you’re looking for through metadata and filters. Search for playlists, collections, or even within videos.

You can search via:

  • Spoken words 
  • Face detection 
  • Object detection 
  • Speaker recognition 
  • Brand recognition 

Empower Your Users to Manage Their Personal Content

Find an interesting video? Create and add it to your own playlist, favorite it or bookmark it in your own collection. Each contributor gets his/her own online video library for uploading and sharing videos if access has been given to them to do so.

YouTube-Like Library – Simple and Easy to Use

YouTube-Like Library – Simple and Easy to Use

Organize your videos in a brandable YouTube-like portal, which is simple and easy to use. VIDIZMO not only offers a video content library, but multiple features to help you upload, share and stream videos for every end-to-end video use case.

We have more than 5000 employees and hundreds of meetings take place every month. VIDIZMO has helped us organize our recorded meetings, where we can easily find them, readily play them, and share them easily with relevant individuals. This way, discussions done in recorded meetings can be revisited and shared seamlessly with those that were not able to attend those meetings.

Osamu Kikuchi, Head of Business Development NESIC

Key Video Content Library System Capabilities


Create multiple playlists, where videos would play in continuation – one after the other


Group sections of related digital media content together (images, audio, video, and quiz) as Collections


Segregate videos of different topics into categories to make it easier for your audience to navigate

Personalized Media

Create and add videos to your personal playlist, favorite it, or bookmark it in your own collection. Each contributor gets a personalized space for their media


Search or filter using metadata, which includes system-generated metadata (such as authors), automatic metadata (through AI such as close captions) and user-defined metadata (tags or custom attributes of your choice)

Recycle Bin

Send deleted files to the recycle bin, where you can set a custom period for how long it’s retained

Bulk Management

Copy, delete, unpublish or change settings of multiple media files simultaneously for convenience

Content + Comment Moderation

Eliminate spam and unwanted content by reviewing it before publishing in your media library


Trim unnecessary parts, shorten it and add a thumbnail of your choice. Furthermore, you can edit closed captions to remove errors.

Role Based Access

Limit actions users can perform in the library by assigning roles as admin, manager, moderator, contributor, viewer or anonymous

Desktop Application

Browse your video content library and watch videos offline. Additionally, assign a local watch folder on your desktop from which content will be automatically uploaded on to VIDIZMO

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VIDIZMO Offers an End-To-End Enterprise Video Platform with Multiple Feature

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