Launch of a One-Stop Complete Redaction Solution – VIDIZMO Redaction Tool

TYSONS, Va., Dec. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ever since the release of the redaction feature, VIDIZMO (the creator of Gartner-Recognized enterprise video platform and IDC-Recognized Digital Evidence Management System) began evolving the highly requested solution for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data preservation – now released as a one-stop complete redaction solution, dedicated to manual and automated processes for redaction in video, audio, images, and much more.

With data privacy and confidentiality being a major issue in the present age of digitalization, redaction is the solution for concealing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from non-consented viewership and sharing. Video files such as CCTV and body camera footage, press video streams and 911 call recordings are some examples where the public (and their PII data) is usually recorded. All this data calls for the need for redaction.

VIDIZMO’s redaction tool started off as a feature offering both automatic and manual redaction, simultaneously catering to the requirements for efficiency and accuracy. AI-powered detection allows selective automated redaction with ease, coupled with manual redaction to redact more specific portions.

With time, enhancements paved the way for the VIDIZMO redaction feature to be provided as a Standalone Tool due to high customer demand in early 2022. The feature, and later the tool, works using VIDIZMO’s own indexer for automated and on-demand AI-powered detection. This allows it to be deployed with ease to redact video online over the cloud as SaaS or on a customer’s local, on-premises environment.

When it comes to detection, VIDIZMO has managed to train diverse data sets to accommodate the detection of faces, people, multiple types of vehicles, license plates, and weapons such as knives and firearms – but this is an ever-expanding list.

Ultimately, VIDIZMO aims to create a one-stop platform for all PII redaction needs and legal requirements. VIDIZMO has already covered video, image and audio redaction at different lengths using its Redaction Tool, available both as a standalone tool and part of its other two solutions – EnterpriseTube and Digital Evidence Management System.

VIDIZMO further plans to incorporate document redaction, along with OCR capabilities, for better searchability. To assist detection processes, VIDIZMO also plans to release new artificial intelligence features.

These include better automation through recognizing detected faces across videos and images. The detected faces can be redacted collectively across videos, making the process more efficient. Moreover, VIDIZMO is working on a Custom AI-models feature to allow customers to train their own data sets for detection, to best fit to their use case and add efficiency to the redaction process.

VIDIZMO’s end goal with the above-mentioned feature sets and future development, is to make sure the user gets all their redaction needs answered in an easy-to-use, one-stop complete redaction solution.


VIDIZMO provides secure enterprise video content management and digital evidence management systems to Fortune 500 companies and government organizations around the world. Packed with around 20 years of experience with everything video, VIDIZMO is also a Microsoft IP Co-sell Gold Partner and AWS Partner.

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Muhammad Nabeel Ali
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