Partner with VIDIZMO to Distribute Enterprise Video Solutions

TYSONS, Va., Oct. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VIDIZMO, an enterprise video platform provider, is expanding its reach across multiple geographies and industry verticals through means of distribution partners and resellers. If you are an IT reseller or distributor, you too can partner with VIDIZMO to jointly sell its platform EnterpriseTube to potential customers.

In 2021, VIDIZMO has expanded partnerships with NEC Japan, TD SYNNEX, Yorktel, Carahsoft, GovSmart, West Telco, WebSIA, Mergent systems, Daly Computers, and more. VIDIZMO is continuing to add more partners to increase its global reach, and you can sign up for the program here.

What is VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube?

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube in an Enterprise Video Content Management System, which allows organizations to create their own YouTube-like portal to manage and stream their video content.

They can use the system to stream live or on-demand videos to both internal (private) or external (anonymous) audiences. Videos are optimized for streaming over varying bandwidths and organizations can benefit from AI generated closed captions and transcripts.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube is a scalable video platform that can be used for all video use cases, such as internal training, streaming videos for marketing, conducting live events, managing recorded meetings from Zoom and MS Teams and more – all through one platform.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube allows organizations to restrict access to videos to only intended users. Users can define for every video as to who gets to access them; select users, groups, departments, the entire organization or anonymous users. Along with other security features such as SSO and IAM integrations, encrypted SSL based streaming, data encryption at rest, audit logs, ability to block downloads and custom security policies. All of this helps in fulfilling various industry and region-specific compliances.

VIDIZMO EnterpriseTube can be deployed in organizations’ existing cloud (Azure, AWS etc.), on-premises or can be purchased as SaaS. The solution is highly scalable and easily integrates with existing IT systems such as Zoom, MS Teams, SSO, IAM systems, LMS, CMS etc.

In the post-pandemic world, integration with Zoom and MS Teams has greatly helped organizations in managing their recorded meetings.

You can learn more about VIDIZMO enterprise video platform here.

How Can You Benefit as a Partner?

By joining in as a VIDIZMO reseller, you can help solve video related challenges for your existing customers. Your organization can jointly work with VIDIZMO to sell its products in your region and add a revenue stream for your business. You also get support from VIDIZMO team to help you through the process.

Contact: Shahan Zafar (Product Marketing Manager),



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