VIDIZMO Launches Version 2 of its AI-based Video and Audio Redaction

VIDIZMO offers an AI-based tool with a multitude of features to quickly redact information from video and audio files

TYSONS, Va., Jan. 26, 2022 / PRNewswire/ — VIDIZMO, has released the 2nd version of its AI-based audio and video redaction tool, which has been completely redesigned to offer much more detail and flexibility.

This tool is now available separately or as part of VIDIZMO’s other two products: its enterprise video platform or digital evidence management system. It can be purchased as SaaS or deployed in customer’s own datacenter of choice (on-premise or cloud).

When organizations are handling large amounts of data, manually redacting information, frame-by-frame in 1000s of videos, is just not the best idea (it could take hours!). An AI-based redaction tool like that of VIDIZMO can help users conceal confidential information in just a few clicks (within minutes) without requiring any specialized video editing expertise.

However, AI-based redaction is not new and there are a lot of tools available out there in the market that have been doing the job for a decent amount of time. So, what makes VIDIZMO’s new redaction tool any different?

The answer lies in the details and completeness of VIDIZMO’s solutions.

“With around 20 years of experience in the video industry and having served large enterprise customers within this domain, VIDIZMO has redesigned its tool keeping in mind a multitude of challenges. The new redaction tool offers a range of features to cater to every minor detail!” said Nadeem Khan, CEO at VIDIZMO.

“Moreover, the tool is also available as part of the broader secure and compliant video management platforms offered by VIDIZMO. It helps organizations go one step ahead in meeting security and compliance requirements – which is conveniently redacting any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) contained within their video/audio data.”

What VIDIZMO’s Redaction Technology Has to Offer?

Most tools have expertise in document and image redaction, but video and audio data are different and come with their own set of unique challenges. For instance, unlike the single frame of a document, a face moving haphazardly in a video first needs to be tracked using AI before it can be redacted. Moreover, video and audio files are large and require much more time and processing power as compared to documents. There are other challenges and to solve them VIDIZMO offers a complete solution with the following features.

1. Easy to Use, Browser-based Tool

People handling video and audio data may not be expert video editors. It’s counterproductive if users need to spend additional time in learning how to use the tool first. Therefore, VIDIZMO’s tool is designed with ease of use in mind, allowing users to redact elements within audio and video files, through a few simple clicks. It is accessible on all devices and browsers without any additional installation requirements.

2. Automatic (with Manual Redaction)

VIDIZMO’s tool uses AI to automatically track elements in a video (such as the face of a dancing person) and helps save a considerable amount of time. However, the accuracy of tracking depends on the quality of the video. What this means is that the tracking will work accurately most of time, unless the video is too dark or has random haphazard movements. To solve this problem, VIDIZMO’s tool also allows users to manually redact elements and fix imperfections.

3. Redact a Variety of Information

VIDIZMO’s tool allows users to track and redact a range of elements such as faces, objects, people, license plates, screens and more.

4. Security

VIDIZMO’s Redaction tool is available as a standalone tool for those that only wish to redact media and download it. However, it is also available as an add-on with both of VIDIZMO’s products, which offer a range of features to keep data secure such as encryption in transit and at rest, audit logs and chain of custody reporting, geo restrictions, SSO and IAM integrations, secure cloud deployments, role-based access controls and more.

5. Choose to Blur, Pixelate, or Cover

VIDIZMO’s tool gives users the option to choose if they want the redacted elements to be blurred out, pixelated or covered with a box of a solid color.

6. Labelling of Redacted Elements

Redacted elements can be labelled in the interface after detection or redaction. This helps improve video search such that users will be able to narrow down to relevant videos amongst thousands by typing in the name of a person.

7. Deployment

Unlike most other solutions, VIDIZMO’s tool offers a range of deployment options. It can be purchased as SaaS. However, to cater to secure requirements of enterprises and government agencies, it can also be deployed in Azure or AWS Commercial or Government Cloud, or in an on-premise datacenter.

8. Retention of Original files

VIDIZMO’s tool allows users to choose if they wish to overwrite the original file after redaction, or retain it and make a new redacted copy.

9. Integration

VIDIZMO provides APIs and widgets for ease of integration into existing CMS, RMS and other systems.

10. Meet Compliance Requirements

VIDIZMO offers multiple features on an application level, flexibility in deployment and support to help meet compliance requirements such as CJIS, GDPR and FedRAMP.

“We are carefully studying organizations’ needs and their challenges” said Shahan Zafar, Product Marketing Manager at VIDIZMO. “Hence, the tool is constantly improving and evolving and will have much more to bring forth to the market, to allow the process to be more accurate, efficient and easier.”


VIDIZMO provides secure enterprise video content management and digital evidence management systems to Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement and government organizations around the world. The company has had around 20 years of experience within this domain. It is also a Microsoft IP Co-sell Gold Partner and AWS Partner. Learn More About VIDIZMO’s Customers Learn More About VIDIZMO’s Partners Contact: Nabeel Ahmed Siddiqui (Senior Product Marketing & Growth Manager), SOURCE VIDIZMO


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