Manage and Share Digital Evidence
In a Centralized Library

IDC Recognized Digital Evidence Management System

Store, manage, analyze and share digital evidence in a centralized library with defined access. Purchase VIDIZMO Cloud for evidence management immediately, in just a couple of steps.



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Multiple Device Support

Store and Access Digital Evidence On-the-Go

Enable law enforcement officers to capture and upload evidence into a centralized repository from the field. Access VIDIZMO Cloud on any device and bandwidth and manage the digital evidence library easily.


Evidence Life Cycle Management

Manage Complete Digital Evidence Life Cycle

Law enforcement agencies can host digital evidence with complete evidence management life cycle, from media uploading, transcoding, transcription and storage to searching, distribution and disposition.

Group Level Permissions

Define Access Permissions for Each Group

Create groups and define what portal actions they can perform on cases and evidence files.


Evidence Level Permissions

Define Access for Each Evidence or Case File

Assign access to an individual user or a group. Password protect evidence to further limit access.

Evidence Integrity

Chain of Custody Reports and Tamper Detection

The VIDIZMO Cloud evidence library allows you to ensure the integrity of digital evidence by generating detailed logs for chain of custody and audit logs, and detecting any tampering with the evidence files.



Cloud Storage and SSO Integration

All evidence is hosted in VIDIZMO’s native Azure cloud storage, which has detailed measures in place for data security. You can also integrate with your SSO, for better identity management.

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Looking for a Customized Solution?

VIDIZMO offers a completely customizable Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS) with flexible deployment options. You can choose to deploy DEMS on any commercial or government cloud, on-premise data center or a hybrid infrastructure.


DEMS Features

EVCM Features